Primary Objectives

When I become elected Sheriff,


  • My first objective will be to gain a full internal understanding of the current operations of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.  This will entail jail operations, patrol functions, specialty units, current spending, budgeting, staff development, equipment needs, and overall leadership. 


With these priorities in mind, I will then work with our team to focus on any areas where we can make immediate changes for the betterment of the citizens of Franklin County and the organization itself.  We will put Franklin County Citizens first and ensure patrol resources are deployed in a manner to provide the highest level of service to our friends and neighbors.

  • My second objective will be to bring the standards of the organization to the highest level.  We will do this by adopting a standard of accredited benchmarks called the Gold Standard in Public Safety which are clearly established by the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).  This organization has developed nationally recognized policies and procedures for operating law enforcement agencies throughout our country. I would like to see the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office become one of the most premiere agencies in law enforcement and a resource and role model for other agencies. 


Obtaining CALEA Accreditation will not be easy. The Sheriff’s Office has considerable talent among their ranks and with focus, dedication, and direction this agency can reach the Gold Standard.  Our residents deserve the best we can offer. Once accredited, our community can rest assured that our administration is taking the proper steps to reduce liability from improper protocols or employee behavior and are providing law enforcement services focused on keeping our communities safe.


Please click this link to the CALEA website for more information.

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