Franklin County Patrol

The Patrol Deputies are the face of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. How each individual deputy interacts with the public is a reflection of the department as a whole. As Sheriff, I will continue to work alongside our patrol deputies to provide the best coverage to our citizens of Franklin County.  I plan to focus our resources on rural areas that lack law enforcement presence while continuing to support our fellow-agencies in Farmington, Wilton, Jay, Rangeley, and Carrabassett Valley however we can.

I have a current understanding of patrol functions and will plan to remain active with my own patrol duties.  This includes working evenings, weekends, holidays, whenever needed to support our deputies and protect our citizens.  This model will also be emulated by all administrative personnel who will be working the front lines to make sure our residents have the patrol services needed.  As a resident of Franklin County who relies on the services of the Sheriff’s Office for my own family’s protection, it is paramount that we focus our patrol to be where our citizens need them most.

I enjoy interacting with the public and plan to be present during safety check points or other law enforcement related activities throughout the county.


In addition to the normal patrol duties, I would like to set a personal goal to attend random selectmen meetings in each of the towns that we cover.  I know from my position as a Selectman that the Sheriff’s presence at occasional meetings shows our support for one another. 


I am an advocate of the Community Policing philosophy. I support community events that invite individuals to interact and ask questions of their local law enforcement such as “Coffee with a Cop” and the “Citizens Police Academy”. I hope to offer programs like this throughout Franklin County. Another mission that I would like us to undertake through the patrol functions will be to create a program similar to Volunteers in Police Service.  This normally consists of concerned residents who volunteer their time to look out for the community. With our mission being to work together to build a safer community, these programs will be the foundation for our future success.  


Please click on the images below for more information about Volunteers in Police Service, Citizen Police Academy,  or Coffee with a Cop.

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