Folks, it is unfortunate that I must set up a web page to defend myself in this campaign. For those who have known me, I would suggest they would confirm I am of the highest integrity. I have built this campaign on ideas that I have seen as helpful to the continued progress of the organization.


Unfortunately during the campaign I have called a liar by folks within Sheriff Nichols administration. I have created this page to lay out a couple facts. I will not be building or spending a great deal of time here pointing out all of the missteps of the current administration. Though one thing should be clear: I am not lying or saying things to make me look good.

I will provide information here that proves my point, though if you would like to obtain hard copies of this information, it I will require a freedom of access request to be filed with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Their phone number to contact the is 207-778-2680.

Please note: I didn't spend a great deal of time researching these facts. I work primarily as an evening shift supervisor. The events that I will point out are things that I have mostly seen while working. Undoubtably there are many more examples of these things that occurr outside of my time to be able to see.

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