As you may know running a campaign can be expensive.  I intend to keep the costs of this campaign very reasonable.

There are very strict campaign finance rules when running for county office.  I will create a link to these rules below.

In short:  Here is a summary:​

  • Donations of $0-$50 require I obtain your name, address, and occupation

  • Donations of $50.00 to $850.00 require I obtain your name, address, occupation, and place of employment

  • The maximum amount 1 person can donate throughout the election is $850.00

  • Donations above $850.00 will be returned to the donor

  • Any remaining funds after the election will be handled as outlined in the campaign finance rules

If you would like to donate, please send a check to the address below.

Edward Hastings - Campaign Fund

112 Dutch Gap Road

Chesterville, Maine 04938



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