I was born in Farmington in July of 1983 and have been a lifelong resident of Franklin County.   I have been married to my wife Mary for the past thirteen years, we have two children, Lily and Jackson.  We reside in Chesterville where I grew up. 

As a young child I got to see my dad working on the local fire department and was quickly interested in public service.  At the age of 13, I joined the Chesterville Fire Department where I served through the ranks from Jr. Firefighter to Fire Chief.  

In fifth grade, I became interested in becoming a police officer and did my first ride along with Farmington Police Department.  From there I spent hundreds of hours doing ride-a-longs primarily with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

In 2002, I graduated from the Mt. Blue High School and went on to attend college at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland.  While in college, I was a live-in student at the Gorham Central Fire Station and worked part time as the Animal Control Officer for Gorham Police Department. 


In 2003, I graduated with an associate degree in Criminal Justice and immediately started my law enforcement career.  I held a part time position at the Carrabassett Valley Police Department until I was hired temporarily full time at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Dennis Pike in 2004.  In May of 2004 I accepted a full-time police officer position with the Farmington Police Department.

In May of 2005, I completed the 8th Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  As I worked through my law enforcement career at FPD I took a special interest in OUI related traffic enforcement as well as worked on my skills to become a better police officer. 

In February of 2007, my friends and I were directly affected by impaired driving when one of my friends was hit and killed by a drunk driver on the Wilton Road in Farmington.  This driver was more than two times the legal limit and should not have been on the road.  This life experience was very trying on our group of friends, which included several of my co-workers at the police department. 

During my time as a full-time police officer I maintained my involvement with Chesterville Fire Department and worked my way through the ranks and was appointed Fire Chief in 2007. 

In October of 2008, I had the opportunity to combine my fire service skills with my law enforcement experience when I accepted a position with the Maine Office of State Fire Marshal as a Fire Investigator.  For those who may not know, one of the primary roles of a Fire Investigator is to investigate the origin and cause of a fire. If determined to be arson to then vigorously seek evidence to prove who is responsible.  These investigations are very time consuming and involve extensive report writing, many criminal search warrants, analyzing financial data, and review forensic phone records.  I was assigned to Franklin County as well as few small towns surrounding the area, but I often covered fires throughout the State of Maine. 

While working at the State Fire Marshal’s Office I remained a passionate member of our local law enforcement community.  In March of 2012, I was given the opportunity to return to the Farmington Police Department as a Patrol Supervisor.  Since returning to front lines, I resumed my dedication to the OUI program and became a Drug Recognition Expert in 2013.  A Drug Recognition Expert is an officer who is specially trained to detect drivers who are impaired by illicit drugs, prescription medications, or marijuana.  I have also become a standardized field sobriety test instructor, a drug recognition expert instructor, and currently serve as one of the senior OUI/SFST/DRE instructors at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. 

Another issue our area faces is drug abuse.  I have been a public speaker on the effects of drugs on the body and our involvement with trying to help reduce the drug epidemic.  While at FPD, I have been the lead investigator in several drug investigations and suspected drug overdose death cases.  I believe that non-fatal overdoses are a second chance for us to help those in need, even if that means arresting them to help break the habit.  I know this approach can be helpful because I have been personally told this by those effected.  While treatment is the ultimate goal, all too often these non-fatal cases don’t receive the attention needed to get the person pointed in the right direction.

As a patrol supervisor, I regularly respond to calls for service and a variety of investigations from burglary cases to theft complaints, to sexual assaults and fatal motor vehicle crashes.  I also assist and mentor our patrol personnel with all aspects of their duties, to include investigate crimes, complete search warrants, arrest warrants, process crime scenes, and collect evidence. Once our investigation is complete, I routinely work with our District Attorney’s Office to prepare cases for prosecution. 

I am a huge advocate of Community Policing and remain active by teaching the Avoid, Deny, Defend training to our community employers and local school districts. This is a program that empowers people to take control of a difficult situation and carryout actions that have  proven to help save lives in hostile intruder situations.  I have assisted with the Citizens Police Academy as well as the Introduction to Criminal Justice class offered at Mt. Blue High School. The safety of our citizens is a top priority of mine and I will strive to continue to provide opportunities to help motivate and educate our communities to stay safe.

I have gained a great deal of experience with grant writing and apply for various grants to help our public safety partners on a regular basis. I am also involved with the military surplus program and assist other law enforcement agencies with acquiring tools and equipment to better serve their departments and communities. 

In 2016, I became Fire Chief in Livermore Falls which is a part-time position. At that time, the fire station was condemned, and the members were forced to relocate.  Fire apparatus was strewn throughout the area and there was no clear action plan as to what apparatus would be obtained from where or by who to respond to calls. Department members were using the public library to meet and had difficulty completing basic functions.  Needless to say the folks on the department were in need of leadership and direction.  I'm proud to report today, we have renovated the building, rebuilt the department, and have begun hosting community events in our station.  Our most recent community event was a Haunted House on Halloween which provided a safe, family friendly environment for people of all ages to enjoy.  Over 700 community members participated. I continue to proudly serve as Fire Chief of the Livermore Falls Fire Department today. 

In 2017, I ran for selectmen in my hometown of Chesterville.  I was elected to a three-year term on the board, which I completed in June 2020.   During this time, we have worked on many different projects to better organize our town office and update town equipment.  I also took special interest in trying to address a number of default tax bills.  With the assistance of our employees and fellow board members, we were able to collect nearly $100,000.00 in overdue taxes. 

Throughout my professional work experience, I have filled the role of union shop steward for the Farmington Police Officers and was a board member of the Maine Association of Police while at the Fire Marshal’s Office.  These positions have helped me develop experience with contract negotiations and the union grievance procedures.  Having the ability to serve as a municipal fire chief and selectmen has even further prepared me to organize and present operating budgets, make public presentations, and become a better public speaker.

This year I have decided to run for Franklin County Sheriff as a way to extend my lifelong dedication of public service to all of the residents of Franklin County.  I see this election as an opportunity to show my interest in this position, gain experience in the campaign process, as well as present some of the skills I have to offer.  I am highly motivated and involved and vow to be a leader from the front.  If elected to this position I will make myself available throughout the county and will attend as many community events as I can.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my background and experience.  To see a complete list of my trainings, certifications, and qualifications, click here.  I appreciate your support.  If you would like to assist or participate in my campaign, please send me an email

Thanks again,

Eddie Hastings

"Working together to build a safer community."

Edward H. Hastings IV


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